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Love for dogs was present since my early childhood when i tried to breed German Terriers with which i took all trophies possible, but along them i had German Shorthaired Pointers. First steps were importing high quality dogs from Italy at the end of their career to be used for breeding for achieving the desired quality, and those were Del Fabia ancestors, Drak, Pradellinensis Omar, Pradellinensis Hanter, dogs from della Chius and French dogs Harko de la Vallée du Houx,son of the legendary Vidocq du Bois de Soners. By buying an extraordinary dog Artu better known as Buđavko and breeding him i get extraordinary dogs. With his offspring begins the domination, most of all in quality of the dogs, work and beauty. One of his sons, also one of my favorite dogs, Ano As, undefeated in barage, champion, international champion in work, didn't have luck to show it's full potential, died 4.5 years old, 45 in work...
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